SOLAROY® Solar Powered Pumps & Injection Systems

SOLAROY® Solar Powered Pumps & Injection Systems

SOLAROY® Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Pumps

The best solar powered metering pump under the sun

SOLAROY® Solar-Powered chemical Injection pumps are designed with innovative features that provide ultimate solar-powered performance. Compact and economical, SOLAROY Solar-Powered pumps are driven by solar energy and built to work in the harshest environments and the most remote locations. Additionally, SOLAROY Solar-Powered pumps are designed to last. These “set it and forget it” pumps work continuously, reducing shutdowns and lost production.


  • Better performance through simple installation, innovative design features, and robust construction
  • Better value through superior dual-seal design and a longer pump life, meaning less maintenance, reduced operating costs, and no seal packing to adjust
  • Best reliability in the industry, supported by over 75 years of metering pump experience and expertise

To discover why the SOLAROY® Series of Solar-Powered Pumps are the best pumps under the sun, contact your local representative.

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