PRIMEROYAL X Series Metering Pumps

PRIMEROYAL X Series Metering Pumps

Milton Roy's new PRIMEROYAL X Series pump extends capabilities in even the most challenging environments at 20K PSIG.

Its design, which meets the rigorous standards of APA 675, packs a range of features into a reduced deck footprint, delivering required flow and ensuring chemical delivery for even the deepest subsea wells. 

Complementing its power with accurate control, PRIMEROYAL X consistently delivery exceptional safety and reliability, making this the pump for operators that demand more. 

The PRIMEROYAL X builds on our vast experience and legacy.

The latest addition to the PRIMEROYAL series of pumps pushes the boundaries for greater flow and higher pressures in a wide range of oil and gas applications.  The PRIMEROYAL X helps to prevent hydrate formation, wax and scale deposits, and corrosion to manage production effectively.


As we continue to engineer customized solutions to meet the challenges faced by industries worldwide, our culture of continuous technological improvement drives us forward.  This expertise comes with a global network of highly trained field engineers and after-sales support that is second-to-none. 

The PRIMEROYAL X further extends Milton Roy's industry-leading pump range. 

Our latest design further enhances Milton Roy's PRIMEROYAL range of metering pumps and continues our tradition of engineering pumps for design excellence, modular installation and flexible application to deliver exceptional safety, reliability and performance.

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